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Every now and then there is some media coverage about the safety of UV curing lamp’s used in the nail industry. Concerns of cancer causing UV exposure dominate the headlines, striking fear and confusion in the general public.

As leaders in healthy nail care, we at Bio Sculpture make it our business to understand the potential health risks associated with all of our products, and to develop and innovate new products and services to ensure these risks are removed so that our technicians and their clients enjoy safe, quality nail care services. Whether it be conducting a clinical trial and obtaining a 5 star safety certification for Bio Sculpture Base Gel, or whether it be developing a unique oxygenating, medical grade formation in the form of Evo Gel, we are passionate and dedicated to offering health-focused, safe products to our customers.

The Bio Sculpture LED Lamp is no exception. The Bio Sculpture LED Lamp has undergone independent safety evaluation testing from a leading Australian Government Agency that specializes in assessing the safety of spectral radiation. These tests, which was peer reviewed by 3 separate scientists, confirmed that “the levels of UVR emissions from the UV LED diodes used in the UV LED Curing Lamp will not require protection of employees or clients when the LED diodes are activated for the maximum 30 second duration”.

During a nail treatment, an LED lamp is activated for 30 seconds of continuous exposure. According to the above study, a customer would need at a minimum continuous exposure of 885 minutes (or 53,100 seconds) before a customer would start to experience any form of “biological hazard” (i.e. slight reddening of the skin). For technicians who work an 8 hour day, the maximum continuous exposure is recommended at 530 minutes (or 31,800 seconds), despite the technician having minimal or no direct exposure to the LED emission.

The conclusion of the study was clear, stating that there is no risk to both technician and customer when the LED Lamp is used as directed.

This study was further supported by Professor Brian Diffy PD DSc, of Newcastle University, UK, who concluded that “the risk of skin cancer associated with these devices is extremely low and certainly contradicts any report”.

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    Learn the following:

    • Skills needed to extend clients nails naturally, regardless of nail type, condition or length. NO usage of glues or tips
    • How to choose different treatment gels under the Bio Sculpture Gel system as it offers soft, medium and hard gels that suit every nail type and condition
    • Tips and tricks on how to achieve healthy, long lasting nail extension results.
    • How silk is used in nail extension especially for clients who are nail bitters.
    Note: Eligible to sit for Bio Sculpture Certificate of Merit, which is internationally recognised in over 30 countries.



    Learn the following:

    • The right way of nail preparation before Bio Sculpture gel application
    • How to shape or refine and add strength to clients nails based on their nail type, condition and lifestyle using Bio Sculpture award winning Treatment Gels.
    • How a true gel colour overlay is done to get nails that are healthy, long lasting and perfectly coloured
    • Tips and tricks on how to create the right gel application that does not dehydrate or damage your clients natural nail.
    • How to repair chipped or broken nails safely and easily without glues or toxic resins
    • Gel removal technique – Quick. Safe. Easy
    Note: Eligible to sit for Bio Sculpture Certificate of Merit, which is internationally recognised in over 30 countries.



    Learn the following:

    • Get the right foundation on how to clean and prepare a nail before colouring.
    • Why correct nails prepartion is important as it can affect your polish or gel colouring
    • How to prevent development or spread of cross contamination or fungal infection
    • How to TREAT damaged nails, brittle nails, loose skin, white spots, dehydrated nails or ridges
    • General salon cleanliness, equipment and tools care


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